Denis Casaubon

MBA Admissions Consultant


Denis Casaubon

Denis Casaubon has been helping people prepare for higher education for 10 years and has refined students’ understanding and communication strategy for even longer.  An expert in leadership development and strategy, Denis was an instructor pilot in the Air Force, taught the MCAT and other test preparation skills for Kaplan, and was a freelance MBA admissions consultant before joining Ready4.  He was on the admissions committee at Chicago Booth and has helped dozens of candidates, including many veterans, in their pursuit of an MBA.  


Denis graduated from Chicago Booth where he was co-chair for the Leadership and Armed Forces Groups.  After his time in the Air Force, he transitioned into healthcare where he has worked closely with surgeons in high-pressure cases for the last 8 years.  He has also worked with healthcare startups to create their commercial and fundraising strategies, and currently runs the commercial strategy for a health IT company.  Denis lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and young daughter where he takes advantage of endless summer festivals!

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