Dartmouth College (Tuck)

Think community. Think camaraderie. Close-knit and well connected - not quite as cut-throat as the bigger schools with larger class sizes. If this is the type of culture that appeals to you, Tuck is definitely the place for you.

How to Demonstrate Your 'Fit' for

Dartmouth College (Tuck)

Tuck is your quintessential small, New England school.  “Tucked away” in small Hanover, NH, Tuck is collaborative and tight-knit by definition, think of it like a “We’ll ride out the snow storm together” type feel where each of the 250 students in each class knows one another. They even offer on-campus housing for first year students, so students literally don’t have to leave the business school to go to where they live if they don’t want to!

Tuck champions general management, and its first year features core courses with a general management-focused curriculum where most of the coursework is completed within study groups.

Applicants to Tuck would be wise to highlight their teamwork skills and their fit for Tuck’s unique location and close-knit culture.  They should also highlight their enthusiasm to be active as an alum, as Tuck has amongst the most active and supportive alumni network of all top business schools.  Tuck alums are known to go “all out” to support its students and providing as much guidance as they can to develop as leaders and gain employment.  Demonstrating how you’ve given back to your undergraduate school, and arguing that it’s a signal of how active you’ll be as a Tuck alum, will resonate well with the ADCOM.

Tuck also champions leadership development:  Its Cohen Leadership Development Program is an extension of its first year curriculum and extends into the second year.  It relies on collaboration, peer assessment, and individual coaching that helps students craft their personalized leadership development plans. 

Professionally, Tuck places many students into general management, consulting, and banking, particularly on the East Coast of the U.S.

Given its remote location, it’s worth visiting Tuck to make sure its environment is one where you feel you can thrive and enjoy.  While most who attend Tuck love the experience, its culture and location are not for everyone.  If you can articulate why its location and environment are a solid fit for you, convincingly, you’ll have more success in the admissions process.

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