Emory University (Goizueta)

Named after Roberto C. Goizueta, the late Coca-Cola CEO, Goizueta bases its principles and values on courage, integrity and accountability, among other qualities that are outlined in the school’s core values. It takes these values very seriously, and even asks candidates in their essays how they’ve demonstrated them. Goizueta has amongst the lowest faculty:student ratios amongst top schools (about 5:1) and champions creating close relationships and collaboration.

How to Demonstrate Your 'Fit' for

Emory University (Goizueta)

With just 150 students in each class, Goizueta is one of the smallest business schools in the top-20.  Having such a small student class size, Emory offers amongst the lowest faculty: student ratio (5:1) amongst top programs.  Not surprisingly, Emory is well known for its highly-collaborative environment and close knit culture.  It also prides itself on its 7 “core values” – courage, integrity, accountability, rigor, diversity, team, and community.  So demonstrating that your values align with theirs, and that you’ll prosper in a small, collaborative community will only serve you well.  You should be able to articulate what Goizueta’s values mean to you, particularly in the interview, if you hope to be successful gaining acceptance.  Of these values, Goizueta specifically champions courage and likes candidates who can demonstrate showing courage in their pre-MBA careers and lives.  So if you can tell stories that show off your ability to take risks with confidence, it’ll only help you. 

In addition to that, Goizueta seeks to attract mature candidates with work experience, and even has a policy that its students must have work experience.  While all top business schools seek students with work experience, few have a policy that require it like Emory does. 

Emory seeks to attract students who will invest their time in making the school better.  It prides itself on its rise in the rankings in recent years, and students are encouraged – or even expected – to take an active role in shaping the success of the school.  Students are involved in shaping virtually every aspect of the school, including admissions, curriculum development, and even facilities planning!

Academically, Emory champions leadership development and is proud of its “Leadership in Action” training for students.  It also has its students take part in its pre-term course called LEAD Week before each semester, an in-depth program that gives students exposure to real-world business issues and even gives the occasional opportunity to study abroad if they choose. They also encourage students to apply to the Advanced Leadership Academy where they are given an opportunity to receive individualized leadership training.

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