London School of Business (LBS)

LBS is known to be amongst the most, if not THE most, international MBA program in the world. It has one of the world’s largest, most renowned exchange programs, with more than 30 business schools in its rolodex of exchange programs. And with 90% of the student body coming from outside the UK, with 80 different countries represented by its students, LBS truly delivers on its promise to create “international citizens” of its students. Acceptance requires a strong international awareness, and demonstrated ability to work with cross-cultural teams.

How to Demonstrate Your 'Fit' for

London School of Business (LBS)

LBS is known for providing a more international experience than any other top MBA program, as more than 90% of students come from outside the UK and typically, from more than 80 countries total.  Add to that the fact that LBS offers exchange programs with more than 30 business schools in other countries, and you’ll understand what LBS means when it says that it creates not only business professionals, but “international citizens”.   As such, you MUST make it clear to LBS in your application that you intend to become a successful, contributing international citizen, and articulate your cross-cultural experiences.

Becoming an “international citizen” is one of four themes that LBS refers to as its “learning themes”: becoming a leader, becoming an independent thinker, and making things happen.  With regards to leadership in particular, LBS views leaders as being able to meet three specific requirements: being competent across a wide range of functions, being creative and flexible in your leadership style, and achieving results.  As you prepare to apply to LBS, spend time finding examples from your past that show your success meeting these criteria, as they’ll be sure to resonate with the ADCOM.

Teamwork and group learning are also engrained in the LBS culture and learning approach. At the beginning of the first semester you’ll be assigned to a study group of six to seven students, and you’ll do heavy group work as part of this team.  In fact, group assignments are worth about 50% of students’ overall first year grade. 

Additionally, you need look no further than the fact that LBS offers more than 50 club opportunities to students to know that LBS is serious about getting involved on campus.  These clubs and student organizations are seen as an important supplement to LBS’ focus on teamwork and collaboration.  In your application, be sure to articulate which of these student clubs you’d be interested in joining (or even better, pursuing a leadership role in).  It’s a great way to show that you’ve done your research, have a genuine interest, and will get involved on campus.

The “making things happen” learning theme, permeates LBS’ culture.  In particular, LBS puts heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship.  LBS provides resources and support to entrepreneurs through several on-campus programs, including the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Management, Sussex Place Investment Management, and Centre for Create Business.  Students also have the opportunity to in the Entrepreneurship Summer School, which gives students the ability to test and refine early-stage business ideas and present feasibility study results to an expert panel for feedback and further refining. Then, students refine their business plans during their second year. So if you’re looking to start a business, make sure to articulate that.  LBS loves entrepreneurs. 

One aspect that sets LBS is its second-year project, which occurs at the end of the second year, and asks students to apply all of the knowledge and tools they learned over their two years to an immersive, team-based project.  It’s a unique way that LBS “wraps up” the two years of academic learning.  Mentioning that, and other immersive learning opportunities that LBS offers, is a great way to demonstrate fit with LBS.

LBS takes a fairly unique approach to the admissions process, in that they have more faculty members conducting interviews than many programs.  As such, it’s to your advantage to immerse yourself in the LBS curriculum, and be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the curriculum in your essays.

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