Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Working with numbers, learning how to manage money and make it grow is all part of the MBA experience at any college. What makes Kellogg unique is how students are given a great deal of responsibility early on, providing them with hands-on training and experience in real-time. Exposure to the essence of business management in teams allows for the demonstration of strengths and identification of weaknesses that can be corrected with the help of team members. If you think you have what it takes to take on responsibility and demonstrate the ability to work in a team environment, then Kellogg is the place for you.

How to Demonstrate Your 'Fit' for

Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Kellogg is the quintessential team-driven MBA environment.  Collaboration permeates every aspect of the Kellogg MBA experience: from the classroom – where assignments are usually completed in teams and peers are invited to assess one another’s strengths and weaknesses – to student life, where getting involved with student-run clubs and organizing activities, conferences, and international trips (including its “Global Initiatives in Management”) to build unity among students is the norm.  Second year students routinely conduct admissions interviews, where they’re directed to assess students on their ability to thrive in a team-driven environment and contribute to group discussions.  Aspiring Kellogg students would be wise to articulate their comfort and success working in teams and make clear their involvement in extracurricular activities both during and after college, as a signal to Kellogg that they’ll contribute to Kellogg’s student-centric and student-run culture.  Consistent with that, be sure that when you’re articulating your involvement in organizations outside of work that you can demonstrate impact.

Kellogg’s view of leadership, and its philosophy on leadership training, is also rooted in its embrace of teamwork.  The school is outspoken in its mission to attract and build future business leaders who can thrive in a team-driven environment.  Applicants would be wise to mention examples where they’ve demonstrated an ability to act as a leader in a team environment and encouraged others to work well together.

Almost as strictly as it pushes teamwork, Kellogg truly champions the idea of ethics in business, which permeates its leadership training and leadership case studies. Kellogg’s pre-term “Complete Immersion in Management” program for first year students has them solve challenges that have ethical questions and concerns.  Its second-year course, Values, Ethics, and Strategic Crisis Management, challenges students to tackle difficult business crises with an ethics component.  As you apply to Kellogg, make sure to stress your ability to make ethical decisions and stick to your strong values and drive to do the right thing.

Academically, Kellogg students are asked to pick a major, and most students double or even triple major.  Kellogg’s curriculum focuses largely on general management, and Kellogg is perhaps best known for its outstanding marketing program.  Kellogg attracts perhaps the strongest collection of companies seeking marketing and branding-focused students.  That being said, marketing is not the top career choice for Kellogg students!  As with many schools with a general management curriculum, most Kellogg grads go into consulting and finance.

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