Yale School of Management (Yale SOM)

When it comes to traditional teaching methods, SOM really knows how to challenge the status quo. It's emphasis on nonprofit and the public sector is bar none and its new approach to old school teaching methods set it apart from almost all other business schools.

How to Demonstrate Your 'Fit' for

Yale School of Management (Yale SOM)

SOM’s stated mission is to educate leaders “for business and society”.  They therefore seek candidates who aim to make a difference in both their professional organizations and communities. As such, Yale puts a significant emphasis on nonprofit and the public sector than most top programs.  Yale offers many electives in nonprofit and public sector management, and prides itself on providing its students with extensive opportunities to get involved in the community.  It’s “Internship Fund” provides financial help to students who accept low-paying jobs in the public sector, and about 20% of the student body is given funding from this fund each year.  Its Program on Social Enterprise (PSE) provides extensive support to students with an interest in learning more about how business can drive social impact.  But even if you don’t wish to go into the public or nonprofit sector, successful candidates are able to articulate ambitions of contributing to the betterment of society in general (aka simply “doing good”). 

Consistent with this focus on the public sector, Yale pushes to ensure its students achieve a strong understanding of the intersection of the public and private sectors, and seeks candidates who have a “big picture” view of business.  They want their students to exercise an interest in learning how the private and public sectors influence and effect one another. 

Yale also loves risk takers.  They look specifically for people who are willing to take “intellectual risks” by having their beliefs and assumptions challenged and willing to think outside the box.  Demonstrating that you’ve taken risks and come up with creative solutions in your pre-MBA career is a great way to demonstrate fit with Yale SOM.

Yale has an unique core curriculum, which excludes traditional core courses like finance, strategy, marketing and instead offers courses that focus on specific roles within an organization, like the innovator, investor, employee, and customer.  The more traditional management disciplines are still part of what’s taught, but in this unique context.  Yale also has a mandatory two-week international trip to provide its students global exposure.  Be sure to articulate your excitement for innovation and how it has been applied to Yale’s curriculum, as well as your enthusiasm for global business, in your Yale application.

Yale is also big on entrepreneurship education.  It partners with Haas for its annual “Global Social Venture Competition” and offers a wide array of electives to students seeking so start a business.

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