"Breaking the 700-Mark"


Ahmed knew he wanted to get his MBA from INSEAD while he was studying data science in college, but was unsure how he was going to score on the verbal section considering his English comprehension was much lower than he wanted it to be, whereas his math understanding was excellent.

About a year out of university, Ahmed decided to take a practice GMAT just to see where he fell on verbal, and depending on this outcome, measure his prep options for the real GMAT.

After he took his practice exam, he received a score of 640 (V27 | Q51). His verbal was even worse than he thought it would be, despite practicing on and off throughout his year since graduation. Ahmed knew he needed professional help if he was going to make as big of a jump in score as he needed to get into INSEAD.

Looking at more affordable test prep options, Ahmed stumbled upon Ready4, and saw that they offered a verbal specific hybrid course. This was ideal for Ahmed because he did not need any assistance with his math section, so he immediately signed up. Ahmed felt that the course was easy to follow and very comprehensive. After completing the course, assignments, and practice questions, he felt ready to give the real GMAT a try.

On his first attempt, Ahmed scored a 740 (V36 | Q51).