"From a 154 on verbal to a 168 in 3 months"


Ava needed to bring up her verbal score (after 154 on her first try) in time to take the GRE in 3 months. Ava is from Germany, and despite studying English in secondary school, she was struggling with the way she was tested with it on the GRE.


Ava’s quant score was nearly perfect on her first attempt (169, with minimal studying) because she studied engineering as an undergraduate student.


Ava wanted to take a verbal specific GRE course because she felt her self study to perfect her math score on Ready4GRE was sufficient (and fun because she would practice on her commute to work).


During one of these sessions, she saw that Ready4 offered a Verbal specific Hybrid Course. This seemed perfect to her so she signed up and began the 4 week process. Twice a week Ava attended the sessions online, completed the outside assignments, kept up with his practice questions, completed all the simulated exams and attended the live office hours to ask specific reasoning questions. She loved how the course combined live office hours because those were essential to her.


After the course finished, Ava took an official practice GRE and scored a 164 on verbal and a 169 on quant. Ava was very excited by this progress, but because her dream school was Columbia, she knew she had some more prep to do.


She reached out to her GRE instructor, and signed up for a few hours of tutoring spread throughout a few weeks combined consistent self study. Ava took one more practice test and scored a 167 on verbal! Now she felt ready.


On test day, Ava was determined, and although she felt nervous after finishing verbal (not feeling like she did as well as her last practice test), when her score popped up she was elated: a 168 on verbal and a 169 on quant.


Ava’s advice to other ESL students with big dreams like her is to:

  1. Make sure you are honest about your weaknesses. I studied English in high school and still really struggled with it on the GRE level.

  2. Get the help you need from prep professionals!! They will make all the difference in directing your study time and setting realistic goals.

  3. Don’t neglect half the test just because you’re good at it, I still practiced a little math every day to make sure I could score that 169 on test day.