"When you need a perfect score and need that last push"


Darryl is an extremely driven student with a near perfect GPA, but his GRE score is not quite matching his resume. He took a practice GRE about a month out from the grad school application process, and was surprised by his score: a 164 on verbal and a 165 on quant. A great score for sure, but not quite the perfect score he was hoping for (and needed for his application at Harvard).


Darryl knew himself well enough to know that messing around with random practice questions was not the solution to perfecting his test taking technique or zeroing in on the specific content and tricks that were tripping him up. So, he looked into courses that might offered just that - a chance to get his perfect dream score and all of the tools to make it happen.


He found Ready4’s Advanced Live Online Course. After taking this course for a month, Darryl could see the patterns in his erroneous thinking and the content holes he knew needed filling. Between the course that pushed him to his limits in terms of mastering tough content as quickly as possible, and managing his time during the test down to a T, Darryl felt ready to give the real GRE a go.


On test day, Darryl felt confident in his preparation knowing he was unlikely to see content, tricks, or patterns, he had not already encountered in his course. When Darryl received his score, he was ecstatic: a perfect score (170 in both quant and verbal), now he knew, Harvard was in reach.


Darryl’s advice to other students seeking perfection:

  1. It is NOT everything. I wanted a perfect score because I have strived for perfection my whole life, however, it is not essential. Don’t let it consume you, but if you have the time and the drive, go for it! There are resources that can help you get there (like the course I took).

  2. Be honest with yourself. Examine your weaknesses and address them. Never be ashamed of needing to improve! Everyone does.

  3. Own it on test day! You’ve put in all the hard work, now let it show!