"I needed a 700 and FAST."


Jonathan needed to increase his math score greatly (after scoring Q30 on his first try) in time to take the GMAT in 2 months (math was never his strong suit). He had waited too long to take the GMAT for the first time and now was in a time crunch to get his math score up considerably.


His verbal score was where he wanted it at V42, and as a native English speaker and an English minor in undergrad, this made sense. Jonathan looked at courses for the GMAT because he knew he needed guided instruction from someone who knew the ins and outs of the GMAT math section.


He was practicing his Math Question of the Day on Ready4GMAT when he got a notification that they offer courses, so he took a look and signed up for their 4-week Live Online course.


Twice a week Jonathan attended the sessions online, completed the outside assignments, kept up with his practice questions, completed all the simulated exams and attended the live office hours to ask specific reasoning questions.


After 3 weeks, he was feeling much more confident as his percent correct continued to climb. After the course finished (half-way into his 2 months of studying), Jonathan took an official practice GMAT and scored a 690 (V42 | Q42)! Things were looking up, and Jonathan felt that after a months more of self study on 700 level math questions he could achieve his dream of breaking through to the 700s.


On test day, Jonathan felt nervous but excited. He was getting a high percentage of his math questions right and kept up with polishing his verbal skills as well. After 2 months of intense prep, Jonathan scored a 720 (V44 | Q45).


Jonathan’s advice to students seeking to make a similar turnaround:

  1. Stay focused and keep your goals in view at all times: your MBA

  2. Take care of yourself (eat well, sleep, exercise)

  3. Treat the GMAT like it’s your full-time job (plus overtime!) if you’re trying to make a turnaround like I did in 2 months

  4. Try to relax on test day and let your preparation speak for itself.