"Perseverance is the Key"


When “Shreya” started her GMAT journey she never thought that she could hit the 700 mark. And after 2 years of consistent work from the first time she took her GMAT, she achieved her dream score of a 720 (Q46 | V41).


Shreya’s advice is to never give up.


Her journey started in 2014 when her ex-CEO (a Kellogg Alumni) urged her to pursue her MBA. She studied a month before her first test, with her strengths based in a strong verbal background but her weaknesses showing through in her math performance. She underestimated the GMAT and scored a 620.


Shreya decided to give herself a full year to prepare. She found this challenging - she realized she had to sacrifice aspects of her personal life in order to effectively study.


She ended up taking the GRE and scored a 323. With this GRE score, she applied to B-school and was dinged at Kellogg and UCLA, accepted at IE, and conditionally from INSEAD if she were to take the GMAT.


She decided to go again for the GMAT and took a sabbatical in order to focus properly and studied 6-8 hrs a day. On her first try she scored a 660 (Q46 | V30), and gave up at first.


After some introspection, Shreya realized just how much she wanted her shot at going to INSEAD and decided to try one last time. She focused on stamina, realizing that by the time she reached verbal she was losing focus.


She used Ready4 GMAT (formerly Prep4GMAT) to study verbal everywhere she went. On her second attempt Shreya’s dream came true: her 720.


Shreya’s tips:

1. Figure out why you want an MBA - That you absolutely want it and are willing to invest in it. When you have that focus, only then should you start studying.

2. Brush up your fundamentals (MGMAT is great) and take a diagnostic test to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Focus on the OG for practice.

4. Take practice tests - at least 3-4 before your real test. GMAT prep exam pack default & 1 are the best.

5. Filter questions by source (GMATprep) on GMAT Club and practice past questions by difficulty level. It's a lot of material.

6. Ready4 GMAT is a great app for honing verbal and learning how to read fast and with focus.

7. Food - Stamina is crucial - Bananas, granola/nuts bars, fruit juices and water. Do not go for artificial sweeteners.