5 Ways to Make Your GMAT Prep More Strategic

Far too many test-takers think that plowing through study materials starting with chapter 1 will be enough to get them a good score on the GMAT. However, strategy is generally preferable to brute force. By approaching your prep more strategically, you can streamline your test prep and avoid wasted time. If you want to optimize your test prep, there are some strategies you can apply from the start. 1. Know the test Before you get too deep into prep, do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the types of subjects tested on the GMAT, as well as which of those subjects tend to appear most often. Know about the quirks of the test, and know what the test expects you to do. 2. Have a plan of

Creating a GMAT Summer Study Plan

It’s graduation season, and hundreds of thousands of students are making their plans for the summer. Some people will be jumping straight into an internship while others will be traveling or doing volunteer work. And then there are those students who plan to devote at least a portion of their summer to studying for yet another exam. As business school becomes more competitive and more programs offer flexible degrees, an increasing number of students are getting an early start on their GMAT prep. And with round 1 applications starting in early fall, many aspiring business school students will be taking the GMAT in late August or early September in the hopes that their score will earn them a p

50 Ways To Increase Your GMAT Score

General Tips 1. Advantage of Adaptability: The GMAT exam is also referred to as CAT. The acronym CAT stands for Computer Adaptive Test which means the difficulty levels of the upcoming questions adapt to your ability level as you proceed. So, a good performance at the initial level gets you to higher value questions quickly, contributing towards a higher score. 2. Not as flexible as you think: You must answer the questions in the order of their appearance. Unlike most of the exams, GMAT doesn’t allow you to skip the questions or come back to them. So, prepare and plan accordingly about how much time you need to spend on each questions. 3. Recreate Exam Environment: When you take practice tes

Why Is the GMAT Test So Hard?

For first time test takers, the GMAT seems like a test of academic content. But when you dive deeper you realize the GMAT is really a test of three main areas: How you handle test day pressure How you handle test timing How you handle your emotions under pressure In reality, the GMAT tests high school-level topics, with questions on simple concepts like geometry, factors, and exponents in the math section, and basic English grammar rules like subject-verb-agreement or tenses. There’s nothing to be intimidated about. The GMAT is not a test of how well you understand business concepts, micro or macro economics, banking, consulting, or entrepreneurship. It does not measure your business savvy,

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