A GMAT Lesson from Entrepreneurship: Mistakes Are the Way Forward

Recently, the Ready4 team had the pleasure of receiving to our office Dr. Edward Roberts, one of MIT’s many distinguished professors, and the man who literally wrote the book on tech entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Dr. Roberts was an early investor in Ready4 and Ready4’s first product, Ready4GMAT. He stopped by our office to share his story and some of the lessons he’s learned in his 58-year career of researching and practicing entrepreneurship. Success’s blind side As it turns out, there are several useful parallels between starting a company and studying for the GMAT. Paramount among them is how entrepreneurs learn. Though no entrepreneur wishes failure for h

How to Study for the GMAT if You’re a Working Professional

Working professionals considering a business school education often have competing priorities: managing their current responsibilities, performance, and schedules, while also planning for their future. Between long hours, a commute, and all the other odds and ends competing for your attention, studying for the GMAT is like trying to wedge a watermelon through a keyhole. Often, just finding the time to study for the GMAT can be a barrier to applying to business school. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled the best tips on fitting GMAT prep into your hectic schedule so you can ace the test and keep your sanity (and sleep schedule!). 1. Pick a test date, and schedule your exam Just like a

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