How to Get the Right GPA to Get Into Princeton

Princeton is getting tougher and tougher to get into. At the start of 2018, it had the seventh lowest acceptance rate in the country with 7.4 percent. That sank as the year went on as it dropped to 5.5 percent in July when the class of 2022 was completed. Getting into an Ivy League is getting harder and harder these days as schools seek out students from all around the world. Grades carry a great deal of weight within the college admissions process, especially at Princeton. The class of 2022 saw many of its applicants earn impressive GPAs. Of the accepted students: 8.1 percent scored 4.0 and 5.8 percent scored between 3.9 and 3.99. Only 2.6 percent of that class had a GPA below 3.6. For futu

Do You Really Need to Take the GRE?

As they approach the end of their undergraduate studies, a lot of students ask if they really need to take the GRE. If you’re asking this question, it’s probable that you want to continue on to grad school, and either aren’t sure if you need the GRE, or just don’t want to take it. Don’t worry, this is normal. Many students start feeling anxious when it comes to taking the GRE. The good news is that standardized tests aren’t a major admission requirement anymore at many schools. A growing number of colleges and universities have started dropping the test from their basic admission requirements, and the trend shows no sign of ceasing. However, this doesn’t mean that GRE is no longer worth your

Building Your Personal Brand: Volunteering

During the MBA or grad school admissions process, admissions panels look at more than your GPA, test scores, and applications essay. To determine if you’re the right fit for their school they also look at your personal brand. Building a personal brand goes beyond school into your personal life, and volunteering looks great in your resume and application. Volunteer work is an opportunity to build your personal brand that showcases who you are outside of the classroom and what you’re passionate about. A meaningful community service project not only gives you an added advantage with the admissions process, but also helps you learn better time management and soft skills that will carry on into t

3 Tricks for a Perfect GRE Score

As you begin thinking about grad school, a high GRE score can help you get into a top-tier school, as well as qualify for financial aid packages. This thought is exciting, but at the same time exasperating too. Test prep can be daunting, and while it’s normal to feel anxious, you have to maintain your calm to get a good score. The key is to work on devising effective learning strategies that help you obtain a 99th-percentile score. The following are a few tips that will help you improve your GRE test prep and perform your best during the exam: Take a Pre-Emptive Diagnostic Test It’s important to test the waters before you sail. Many students believe that practice tests should be taken only a

What SAT Score Do You Need for Harvard University?

You don’t always need a perfect score to get into your dream school. The flippant answer to that question would be a 1600. To be admitted to Harvard, surely students need to earn perfect scores, right? Not necessarily, but it wouldn’t hurt either. Harvard doesn’t have a minimum-accepted test score. On its FAQ page, the university lists its official policy as: “There are no score cutoffs, and we do not admit ‘by the numbers.’ For the SAT, we will review your highest test scores in each section across test dates and any other scores you choose to share with us.” Get started prepping for the SAT with Ready4’s mobile SAT test prep app today! This is in part because Harvard, like many top-tier co

GMAT Verbal Preparation Tricks for Non-Native English Speakers

The GMAT is conducted in more than 120 countries worldwide. As such, most students who take the GMAT are non-native English speakers, English being their second or third language. Although the GMAT states that a comprehensive vocabulary isn’t so important compared to reasoning expertise in the verbal lesson, you need to have a certain degree of knowledge of the English language to ensure a high score. Luckily, there are various great resources to help increase your level of understanding the English language as you continue studying for the GMAT verbal section. The most vital thing you can do is be an active student, focused on improving your English skills. You can improve your English in a

Do I Need to Take the SAT or ACT?

Compared to a few years ago, the number of colleges that require the SAT or the ACT is much lower. With this in mind it’s only natural to think that you don’t need to take one of these tests. The preparations for the SAT or ACT can be exhausting and overwhelming, so why would you go through the entire ordeal if it’s not required at all? Despite this, it’s still worthwhile to take the time to prepare for and ace one of these tests, and many students still opt to do so. In fact, many take both, even if the schools they’re applying to don’t require them. Believe it or not, there are some very appealing reasons to make this decision, especially if you’re apply to the top colleges and universitie

How I Ended Up in MBA Admissions Consulting

One of my earliest influences was my high school biology teacher, Mr. Ventura. He had so much passion for science and such a love for building connections with and tutoring his students (and as luck would have it, I needed plenty of tutoring to survive AP Bio). He was quick, funny, and witty, and he instilled in me a desire to motivate students and mentor others, the way he did me. He made teaching look like fun, and seeing the impact he had on his students certainly looked rewarding. So when I stepped into Assumption College in Worcester, MA, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I envisioned myself being the “cool teacher,” the teacher every student would love and look up, like Mr. Ventura w

Why I Founded Ready4

Successfully combining innovative mobile-first technology with high quality test prep and admissions services. You can’t build a great company without feeling the pain of the customer. Ready4 was born out of my own GMAT experience when applying to top US business schools. Over the course of a year and a half I struggled with the GMAT and couldn’t get the score I needed to be a competitive candidate at a top MBA program. The disappointment I felt each time I saw my final score made me more obsessed about the test. I believed that there must be a better way to prep for the test so I decided to develop my own test strategies – using only high quality content – and prep in a unique way based on

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