Improving Your GRE Reading Comprehension as a Non-English Speaker

Reading comprehension means understanding what is written. If you are a non-native English speaker, you might find reading English books or novels too complicated or simply frustrating. If English isn’t your mother tongue, then it’s not your fault, of course. However, since English is becoming the world’s official language, weak reading comprehension skills can be a big disadvantage for you. This is especially true for International, non-native students who are looking to take standardized tests like the GRE. If you want to go to grad school, improving your reading comprehension skills as part of your GRE test prep will help you obtain good scores in GRE Verbal Reasoning section. If you als

Debunking GRE Myths: Your GRE Score Isn’t Important

Many grad schools have recently dropped the requirement of submitting a GRE score, giving rise to a myth that the GRE isn’t worth your time and investment anymore. As such, many students have started putting more weight on other factors such as undergraduate GPA, extracurricular activities, volunteering, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience. While all these factors are critical to earning acceptance into top-tier grad schools, this doesn’t reduce the value of GRE test prep as it still plays a significant role during the admissions process. So Why Are GRE Scores Important? 1. Your GRE score reflect your critical reasoning skills, which admission committees greatly look for. Many

Building Your Personal Brand: Internships

In addition to having a high GPA and good test scores, building a personal brand is essential for getting into top-tier business schools. A personal brand is more than the sum of your skills, your resume, your social media presence, and talent. It’s something you emanate from the uniqueness of your personality. A powerful personal brand is constantly growing and developing and it will prove to be the deciding factor in your future professional success. Your personal brand should reflect your true interests, your passions, your dreams about the future and your strengths in order to establish professional credibility. There are many contributing factors to how people see you. In fact, it i

What GMAT Score Do I Need for MIT Sloan?

For aspiring members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) family, you need to learn the crucial role played by GMAT scores in admission into this great institution. While there is more to being accepted to a great b-school like MIT, students often ask what the best GMAT score is for MIT? Is there a range that students should aim for to ensure their applications are even considered? MIT Profile MIT was established in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a private research institute initially focused on math, technology, and science through which it emerged to be an unrivaled school for engineering. Later on MIT added additional fields of business studies, architecture, arts, a

The 3 Steps For A Successful GRE Test Prep Journey

Many of people who are trying to achieve any big goal—say, losing 50 pounds or breaking 300 on the GRE —never get there because they don’t follow a plan and at some point they hit a “plateau.” Maybe you can’t bump up your Data Sufficiency score no matter how hard you try, or you have your heart set on a certain program but don’t know how to get the score you need to get in. This is where a helping hand can make the difference between achieving your “max potential and dream MBA” vs. “a medium score and just-good-enough MBA.” The good news is we’re here to help with that. The Ready4 GRE learning system is structured to help you learn topics in bite-size lessons while continually assessing your

Top 5 Grad Schools for Electrical Engineering

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Electrical Engineers influence our lives every day. As such, electrical engineering (EE) is regarded as one of the most rewarding disciplines that has a multitude of career opportunities in the future. EE encompasses numerous sub-fields including photonics, microelectronics, computer engineering, control systems, signal processing, and communications. So, if you are considering pursuing a Master’s or PhD in this discipline, you can work for almost every industry including the space industry, gaming, national-security, healthcare, and more. Below is a list of top 5 grad schools for electrical engineering programs that are known for their unmatched academic exc

How Many Times Should You Take the GMAT?

With the GMAT, the party’s not over until it is over. Many students approach the test with a “just get it over with” attitude, only to find themselves unhappy with their score, and deciding to retake the exam. There are various reasons why it might be necessary to retake the GMAT test, the first being a poor score. The good thing with retakes is that it gets better every time as you realize the need for you to push yourself and you also gain more experience with every take. Online test prep has made things even simpler as you can study for the test over your phone or laptop on your own schedule. Recently, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) introduced the option where a candidat

Debunking GMAT Myths: You Only Need One Month of GMAT Test Prep

One of the most pervasive myths surround GMAT test prep is that you only need a month or so to prepare for the test. While the amount of time needed to prep for the GMAT is going to vary from student to student, we guarantee that the person who only needs a month of prep time is one in a million. There are many factors to be considered when deciding how much time you need to prep for the GMAT. Have You Taken the GMAT Before? Put plainly, a first-time GMAT taker will definitely need more time for preparation than someone who’s taken it before. Even if you don’t have to cover newer concepts, you need to familiarize themselves with the test and how it’s structured. A second-time GMAT taker alre

Top 10 LGBT-Friendly Colleges

LGBT college applicants often spend longer considering which college is right for them. Beyond standard factors like cost and admissions standards queer students also think about schools in terms of their LGBT friendliness, which includes everything from academic programs, peer support networks, and inclusive facilities. Assessing how welcoming a school is for LGBT students and applicants takes time. Let’s take a look at 10 LGBT friendly colleges and universities in the U.S. and some of their highlights to help make the research a little easier. Emerson College Emerson has become a leader in inclusivity by creating offices tasked with supporting queer students. In addition to administering n

Is My GPA High Enough for Harvard as an Undergrad?

Harvard is one of the most widely recognized academic institutions worldwide. Its reputation makes it a pride to be selected to study there, but also a unique opportunity to be schooled in one of the best universities in the world. However, this also means that the college admissions process for getting into Harvard is extremely competitive. Getting into Harvard doesn’t have to be an impossible dream though. Yes, everyone knows that getting into this school is extremely difficult, but it is definitely doable. Every year, about 2,000 students receives the happiest letter of their lives – a college acceptance letter to Harvard. Who says you can’t be one of the lucky 2,000? Applying to Harvard

3 Tricks for Improving Your GRE Score

Though it’s not the only factor considered, a high GRE scores can help you get into a top-tier grad program, as well as qualify for financial aid packages! The idea of taking the GRE might be worrisome because you don’t know how the test would go, but really, you should be excited by the opportunity! While it’s normal to feel anxious, getting a high score isn’t difficult with an effective learning strategy and the right GRE test prep solution. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you boost your GRE score and perform your best during the exam: Take a Diagnostic Test It’s important to test the waters before you set sail, so to speak. Many students believe that practice tests shou

Debunking 4 Common Myths About the GMAT

The GMAT can be a very challenging test. Worries and fears developed during GMAT test prep have led to numerous myths being spread about how to pass the test without breaking a sweat. These myths can lead students to take shortcuts, but those shortcuts can actually hurt more than help. Let’s take a look at some of these top GMAT myths and debunk them. Remember, if you have not prepared adequately, miracles won’t come to your aid. You have to be train for the GMAT like an athlete, making sure to have an intelligent training strategy and get plenty of rest and recovery time as well. Myth 1: You Should Prepare for the Hardest Questions First The first instinct for anyone preparing for an exam i

Is My GPA High Enough for Wharton?

The MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania prepares some of the brightest minds in the professional world. Its alumni have gone on to become CEOs and high-powered investors or executives in almost every sector and industry, or they’ve become politicians and authors. Basically earning a Wharton MBA is almost like writing a ticket to success. So knowing that, there are two main questions at hand: How do I get in? Is my GPA high enough to get into Wharton? Well, it’s a competitive process to be sure. Out of the 6,245 applicants for the 2020 class, only 862 went on to enrollment - that’s only a 13.8 percent acceptance rate. And the average undergraduate GPA for that

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