Three tricks for a perfect GMAT score

If you are a student planning to take a GMAT test, you may have been wondering how to pass the test. This test is essential as passing the test well provides you with brighter opportunities in business-related programs. In this article, we will discuss GMAT, its perfect scores and the tricks for passing the test. What is GMAT? Graduation management admission test (GMAT) refers to a standardized exam that is designed to predict how the test takers will perform in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs. The test mainly examines the quantitative and verbal reasoning of the test taker. It also tests the knowledge of the candidates on business basics, creativity, motivation and problem

3 More Tricks for a Perfect GRE Score

When you took the ACT or SAT in high school, you might have thought that you would be done with the complicated standardized tests forever. But now, that you are toward the end of your undergrad degree, the history will repeat itself and you will have to appear for yet another standardized test to fetch admission in a graduate school. The GRE General Test, which is the world's largest assessment examination for graduate admissions, is an opportunity for students to secure an admission in the top-tier colleges or universities. However, you need a good GRE score for that, which requires a tremendous amount of hard work. Following are a few tips that will help you conquer GRE with the desired s

Two strategies for a calm GMAT test day

You have prepared for a long time to take the GMAT exams and now the day has finally arrived. You may seem nervous or anxious, but it is normal for everyone. To ensure that you have a smooth day on your test day you should put in place strategies to ensure that you do not succumb to panic and confusion. Let us discuss the various ways which can help you calm down during this test day 1.Preparation The day before the test you should take a walk, especially in the afternoon. Make sure you eat your dinner well and go to sleep early. Sleep is essential for your mind as you rest after a long day of preparation for the exam ahead. On the test day, you should wake up early in the morning and take y

Debunking the ‘GMAT is an Intelligence Test’ Myth

Speak of the GMAT related myths, and this one will be top of the list. Ask around, and you will be surprised at the number of people who believe that the GMAT is an intelligence test. Some candidates think that your score in the GMAT paper shows your intelligence level. This information is a big lie, sorry to those guys who scored a brilliant 730 and above, that doesn’t make ‘Albert Einstein’ out of you. Well, this does not nullify the existence of a correlation between GMAT and a person’s IQ level. Candidates with higher IQ levels have higher chances of getting good scores, but, any other candidate who used the mobile GMAT test prep and prepared adequately and efficiently can score better.

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