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Ready4 Readiness Guarantee


  • Purchase and pay in full for a Readiness Guarantee eligible product (Web, Regular, Hybrid, or Advanced Live Online Course Package).

  • You must have taken the exam previously.

  • And your old score must be valid. Current GMAT policy is less than 5 years old.

  • You must share your previous score with us when you sign up (by emailing a report to with the subject - GMAT Score Guarantee).

  • You must finish the entire course including all practice quizzes, practice questions, flashcards, videos, customizable tests and full length tests. 

  • Within three months of taking the test, you share your official score, and request the opportunity to repeat the course.

Important notes

  • Guarantee of 70 pts with Live Courses 50 pts with On Demand course.

  • Guarantee is capped at a score in the 99th percentile (760) - if you score above 760, you are ineligible for a refund.

  • If you earn a score of 680 or above in your initial test, the guarantee is capped at 750.


Never taken the GMAT before?

  • You are still welcome to use all of our amazing tools and products, but you will not be eligible for the Ready4 Score Guarantee.

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