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Our test prep and online classes are built for the mobile world we live in. Take advantage of the flexibility of a live online classroom on your phone or laptop with access to the best instructors in the world anytime, anywhere. With Live Online, you get a fully integrated learning experience right in your pocket.

With our Live Online GRE Micro-courses, you get lifetime access to

12+ hours of live online interactive sessions with our expert instructors

covering Quant or Verbal content 

Weekly live

office hours

99th Percentile-

scoring instructors

24/7 private group

chat support

Access to hours of

Supplementary Videos


7 Full Length (CAT) Simulation Exams
40+ Lessons on Verbal and Quant Content
2000+ Practice Questions
1000+ GRE Specific Vocabulary Flashcards
230+ Concept Flashcards

Get to know one of our expert instructors, Eric!

He has scored in the 99th percentile of the GRE, SAT, PSAT, 4 SAT II's, 7 AP's, the LSAT, and the GMAT. He has taught standardized test-taking classes to more than 500 students and tutored more than 400 others for the past seven years. 

His students say...

“What an amazing teacher! Eric is so engaging, so knowledgeable, so personable! Loved it.”
"I joined the class because of Eric's background!"
“I want [Eric] to be my personal coach!”
"Amazing enthusiasm. Seems like a true GENIUS!!"

To learn more about Eric, or any one of our highly qualified Live Online Instructors, click below!  

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What our students say


Better than a book! App has everything you need. Quizzes, explanations, examples, a road map, practice test score, notecards. Perfect for studying with or without a book!


I really enjoyed the lightheartedness of the lectures, and I learned so much during the course that I improved my score by 9 points! I hit the percentile markers that I was shooting for, and I am confident in saying that [my instructors] had a lot to do with it! Keep up the good work, and 

I will certainly recommend this course to any of my friends that need assistance!


I love the explanations for each answer, the reminders to study are helpful, and it's convenient to use; I can pick it up and study anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Ready4 different from our competitors?

For the high-quality instruction we provide our students, Ready4 is the most affordable, mobile-friendly, and accessible GRE preparation program available. Our comprehensive mobile options put GRE prep right in your hands, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

Who writes the practice questions?

Our questions are carefully formulated by a team of expert GRE content writers who have extensive experience with instructing GRE preparation, developing content, and the GRE testing experience.

How difficult are the questions, and do they reflect the real GRE?

Our practice questions are an accurate reflection of the real GRE. Because the GRE is a computerized adaptive test (CAT), you must correctly answer both the low and medium difficulty questions to be asked the high difficulty questions on the GRE. Ready4’s question format provides you with practice for the full range of questions, so that you can master even the toughest questions on test day.

What are the advantages of selecting Live Online?

Live Online offers you the most effective and comprehensive way to prepare for your GRE. In addition to live online classes with a 99th Percentile GRE Instructor, you are granted full usage of our web and mobile platforms, and exclusive access to 24/7 private chat group support and office hours with our GRE instructors. These tools provide a complete and well-rounded approach to GRE prep that will help increase your score on test day, guaranteed.

How does the higher score guarantee work?

When you purchase our Complete Package Live Online course or Web Package, you are guaranteed to score higher on your GRE, and if you don’t, you can retake the course for free.

How does the 3 day money back guarantee work?

When you purchase Live Online, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can request a full refund within the first 3 days of purchase. 

Can I upgrade my course to include Live Online later?

Yes you can! When you purchase our Mobile option you can upgrade to the Web with Test Simulations or Live Online, you just pay the difference.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to call or email us! We are here for you.