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—  Taryin P, Ready4 GRE Course Student

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Ready4 offers the most flexible courses on the market, designed to fit your busy schedule and unique path toward business school. From improving your GRE score to helping you get Ready4 the world, we’re here to guide your path forward. Choose your preferred course, and we will make sure you reach your target score on your timeline.

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Access GRE test prep content online or on your smartphone to study anywhere, at your own convenience.


High-Quality Study Materials

Access over 2,000 practice questions, 7 test simulations, and 30+ hours of courses covering every area of the GRE.




Customize your GRE test prep course schedule based on your own abilities and timeline to exam day.


Adaptive Test Prep Technology

Access to MIT-developed adaptive test materials that increase in difficulty as you progress toward your goal score.

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Staff Resources

Gain access to our 99th-percentile scoring instructors as needed to build a personalized study plan.


Online Support

Study plans and gameplan advisors are ready and at your fingertips to help you devise a plan that works best for your educational plans, your timeline, YOUR TEST DAY.

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GRE Online Prep



Online Prep course with a 99th Percentile GRE instructor PLUS test simulations and premium web and mobile access

All GRE Sections Covered: Quant, Verbal, AWA

1 year access, no hour limitations

5+ Point Higher Score Guarantee

8 Recorded Lecture Learning Sessions

24/7 Email and chat support by experts

Fixed Schedule 4, 6 or 8 Weeks

Limited Spots. Starting Monthly

1x10 Students Max

Enroll today and secure your spot.

Most Personalized

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Private Tutoring

Starting at $199 / hour

Save $300, Use Code: SAVE300

Study One-on-one with a 99th Percentile Scoring Tutor (includes GRE Live Online course)

All GRE Sections Covered: Quant, Verbal, AWA

1 year access, no hour limitations

5+ Point Higher Score Guarantee

4 Live Tutoring Sessions

24/7 Email and chat support by experts

Fixed Schedule 6 or 8 Weeks

Start Immediately, Any Hour of the Day


Meet your instructor today.

You can relax knowing that we'll give you a full refund if you're not satisfied with our course after the first lesson. 

Course Session Overview

What To Expect

Here's what a typical Live course looks like from start to finish. Each session and practice tests are designed to strengthen your basics, and are sure to help you feel confident on the test day.

Quant 1: Arithmetic 


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:


  • PEMDAS and how order of operations mastery is key to answering GRE questions

  • How to solve equations with exponents, roots and decimals

  • How to use the properties of positive/negative and even/odd numbers to quickly solve questions

  • Absolute values, inequalities and fractions in different capacities

Quant 2: Algebra 


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How to encounter ratios, proportions and percentages on the GRE

  • How to use the properties of multiples, factors and prime factorization to answer test questions

  • How to tackle word problems quickly and accurately

  • The difference between algebraic equations and algebraic expressions and how to solve  them

  • How to manipulate equations with lines to quickly answer GRE test questions

Quant 3: Word Problems and Geometry


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • The different ways data can be presented in graphs, scatterplots, pie charts, and tables

  • Rare question types and how to handle them

  • How to solve difficult question types with common strategies

  • How to use mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation and their properties

  • How to work with sets and Venn diagrams

Quant 4: Combinatorics, Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How to use angle properties to solve GRE questions

  • How to identify different types of triangles and use their special properties to save time on the GRE

  • How to analyze 3D figures and break them down on test questions

Verbal 1: Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence, Main Idea in Reading Comprehension


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How to solve main idea questions with the process of elimination

  • The structure of the reading comprehension passages and how to navigate the content

  • How prediction and elimination can save you time in sentence correction and text completion

Verbal 2: Detail, Vocabulary in Context, Elaboration, Inference


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How scanning, keyword identification and prediction can give you the right answer on test day

  • How prediction is your best choice in Vocab in context questions

  • How connectors aid in text completion questions

  • How to identify text and how to avoid "half right" answer choices

Verbal 3: Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How to focus on the immediate context in order to answer reading comprehension questions

  • How to spot the author's main idea

  • How to navigate text completion questions with ease

  • How to identify weaknesses, assumptions and strengths in critical reasoning passages

Verbal 4: Vocabulary and Analytical Writing Assessment


8:00 pm

3 Hours

After this session you will be able to understand:

  • How to master vocabulary in all sections of the GRE

  • How the GRE uses academic words with multiple meanings

  • How to identify wrong answer traps

  • The role of the GRE essay and how it translates your specific writing characteristics

  • How to address the prompts with pre-writing

Proven Results

Join THOUSANDS of students who scored high by choosing Ready4 as their test prep partner.

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Money Back Guarantee 

You can relax knowing you're covered by our Money Back Guarantee. We believe in you and are confident that you will succeed with us. If you don't like the course after the first session or your score doesn't improve, we'll either give you your money back or let you retake the course for free (see eligibility requirements here)

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Ready4 different from our competitors?

For the high-quality prep instruction we provide you, Ready4 is the most affordable, mobile-friendly, and accessible GRE preparation program available. Our comprehensive mobile options put GRE prep right in your hands, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

What are the advantages of selecting Online Prep?

Online Prep offers you the most effective and comprehensive way to prepare for your GRE. In addition to online classes with a 99th Percentile GRE Instructor, you are granted full usage of our web and mobile platformsThese tools provide a complete and well-rounded approach to GRE prep that will help increase your score on test day, guaranteed.

Who writes the practice questions?

Our questions are carefully formulated by a team of expert GRE content writers who have extensive experience with instructing GRE preparation, developing content, and the GRE testing experience.

How difficult are the questions, and do they reflect the real GRE?

Our practice questions are an accurate reflection of the real GRE. Because the GRE is a computerized adaptive test (CAT), you must correctly answer both the low and medium difficulty questions to be asked the high difficulty questions on the GRE. Ready4’s question format provides you with practice for the full range of questions, so that you can master even the toughest questions on test day.

How does the higher score guarantee work?

When you purchase one of our courses, you are guaranteed to score higher on your GRE, and if you don’t, you can retake the course for free.

How does the Online Prep course work?

Our Online Prep offering is our most popular course option among students because it’s the most comprehensive, personalized, and flexible in the market. You decide how long you want to prep (4, 6, 8, or more weeks) and determine your target score, and we’ll put you on a plan to meet your goals. 

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