Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series

Watch and get direct advice from candidates who were accepted to top programs!

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Chicago Booth

Denis (Booth ‘17) details his advice for MBA candidates, particularly those with military backgrounds (like himself), entrepreneurial goals, and goals of attending Chicago Booth!

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Kellogg (Northwestern)

John had a military background, a 3.3 undergrad GPA, and a 710 on the GMAT. But his GMAT quant score was in the 47th percentile. Here, he gives some great advice for military candidates, candidates with weaknesses to address, and of course, applicants to Kellogg! He talks a lot about how to frame your brand and candidacy GENUINELY and build relationships with schools that you're planning to apply to.

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Kellogg (Northwestern)

Vinod just started his first year at Cornell Johnson, and talks a lot about how he managed to differentiate himself in the admissions despite a below-average GMAT score and GPA, and despite coming from a very competitive demographic (male Indian candidate with an engineering background). He has some great advice for overcoming weaknesses in your application, setting yourself apart, and how to show a school that you're a good fit (especially Johnson!). Vinod worked directly with me on his applications last year, and earned acceptances to several top-tier programs (but being a Cornell alum, of course, I really wanted him to go there - he's such an impressive, friendly guy).

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Tepper (Carnegie Melon)

Hiren Soni is a first year student at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business.  He has some great advice for older candidates, who need to argue for how they'll benefit from an MBA later in their careers.  Coming from an oil and gas background, where layoffs are common, and having both a GMAT score and GPA that were below the averages for top schools, particularly for Indian candidates, Hiren had several challenges to overcome.  But he found a way to earn acceptance into several top schools, including his dream school - Tepper - and shares some great advice for how to address areas of concern, differentiate, and stay positive in the intense MBA application process.

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Tuck (Dartmouth)

Enrique Curiel graduated from Tuck in May 2018. He grew up, attended college, and worked in Spain prior to business school, and has some great advice for international candidates, as well as advice on demonstrating leadership (without formal leadership experience) and differentiating your candidacy when it's "common" (aka when you have a background that is very similar to other candidates). Enrique had a 720 GMAT and a solid GPA, but talks about how even strong candidates like him have doubts! He had worries that he didn't go to a "top tier" college or work at a Fortune 100 company, but found ways to differentiate himself despite these concerns.

Admitted MBA Candidate Discussion Series: Wharton (UPenn)

You're going to love Roshni Naidu, Wharton class of 2018. Her vibrant personality and willingness to "tell it like it is" make this a much-watch interview for all MBA candidates, and especially, applicants to Wharton UPenn!

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