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We already know you're a hard worker -- otherwise, you wouldn't be pursuing medicine. Now let the Ready4MCAT App help you fit focused MCAT prep into your crazy schedule.

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With a course designed by current med school students and content and questions provided by The Princeton Review, Ready4MCAT covers everything the AAMC could test you on.

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Whether it's the Pauli exclusion principle or the structure of the nephron, Ready4MCAT can help pinpoint the areas you need to improve in and the areas you already know well.

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Use Ready4GMAT's daily study reminder and the question of the day to create a daily study habit even if you just have a few minutes. In a few weeks, you'll be amazed by your improvement.
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Ready4MCAT I love it! It's so helpful and easy to navigate. Presents concepts in a much more understandable manner and asks good questions.


Absolutely Amazing!!! I can't stop using this app. It keeps me engaged and doesn't make studying for the MCAT so daunting.


I love the review and timed questions, that way you are keeping time for the real exam and learn why you got something wrong. It's also convenient and I can study anywhere!

In order to navigate the steps before medical school, it is critical that you have the right advisor by your side. Specifically, a pre-health advisor is an invaluable resource that you can rely on to ask questions or give you personalized advice. However, keep in mind they are not under any responsibility to get you into medical school. That’s up to you.
Every pre-med student agonizes over preparing for the MCAT. It’s such an important component of medical school applications that it would be unusual not to be stressed about it. The release of the new version of the MCAT (MCAT2015) last year makes things even trickier. There’s no clear cutoff between a “good” MCAT score and a bad one anymore. 
"What’s A Good Score On the New MCAT?"
"How to Prepare for Medical School as a Pre-Med, Part 2"