Whether you just need a little practice before the PSAT or you have your sights set on a National Merit Scholarship, the Ready4PSAT App puts everything you need on your phone.


Ready4PSAT makes it easy to fit PSAT prep into your schedule. Better yet, there's no need for heavy books, after school classes, or even WIFI.

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Science-based learning methods such as interval studying and adaptive learning capabilities allow the app to identify and bridge your knowledge gaps. It's something a book could never do.

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Study a little everyday and you'll be amazed at the result. This is easy with Ready4PSAT's daily study reminders and the app's PSAT question of the day.
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The best I don't have time to plan out and study for hours. This app lets me study when I am able to on my time and it guides me through the study plan. It's the best!


Amazed! Aiding towards my advancement. Not only is this app helping me reach my goal, but overachieving my goals. Thank you :D


Great App and test prep This app is a great way to prep for the PSAT because the flash cards are very informative and helpful. Using the flash cards I was able to identify common mistakes I made in the pass on practice exams and the PSAT and I was able to jot down notes that I can utilize later. ..

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