Ready4 ACT Integrated Web and Test Simulation Package

When you're ready to do your best on test day, the ACT becomes an opportunity, not an obstacle. Ready4's integrated ACT web learning system allows you to complete self-paced practice on your mobile phone or laptop computer. And with a smart, personalized system that mimics the real ACT, you can approach test day with confidence.

With our Web and Test Simulation Package you get lifetime access to

Readiness Guarantee

English, Reading, Math, and Science Content
40 Comprehensive Lessons 
500+ Flashcards (including 374 ACT vocabulary words)
1500+ Practice Questions
8 Additional Quizzes
Access to Customizable Tests
Web Access

100% Accessible on

Mobile and Web

Study anywhere, anytime - on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Turn your free period into a study session, or complete a quiz after dinner, and watch your estimated score take off.
Our personalized learning technology adapts your study schedule to your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus your time on what you need to improve.

Get Real Test Simulation

Ready4 mimics the real ACT using our MIT-developed Adaptive Test system to give you a real test day experience with the high standard of questions like the actual ACT. 
Create customized tests to practice specific content and difficulty levels. Our advanced analytics helps you to identify your weaknesses, so you can save time during your preparation.

Video Lessons

Ready4 offers a collection of detailed video explanations, so if you get caught up on anything, you can either read our comprehensive text explanation, or watch video lessons taught by our expert instructors.

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What our users say


This app is definitely a requirement for anyone taking the ACT. It provides a lot of practice in a package that is highly appealing to students. P.S for those complaining about paying and the college tabs, this app is a major help to those who might be to busy to do everything themselves. Also the official ACT practice is more expensive and less convenient than this wonderful app. Definite 5-Star and I'm recommending this app to my friends.


This is a really good app because it not only gives you practices, but also tells you what kind of questions the ACT will ask, how they'll ask it, and they'll try and trick you. It also tells you how you're doing and what your estimated score is.


The explanations really go in depth when you get an answer wrong, so it makes a lot of sense! Also, I paid for the full version and my "estimated score" was a 31. I initially ignored that because I've never gotten higher than a 25 on the real ACT, but it turns out I got a 30 on my April test! Thanks Ready4, I never would have expected a 5 point jump from my last act. This really helps.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Ready4 different from our competitors?

For the high-quality instruction we provide our students, Ready4 is the most affordable, mobile-friendly, and accessible ACT preparation program available. Our comprehensive mobile options put ACT prep right in your hands, all at a lower cost than our competitors.

Who writes the practice questions?

Our questions are carefully formulated by a team of expert ACT content writers who have extensive experience with instructing ACT preparation, developing content, and the ACT testing experience.

How difficult are the questions, and do they reflect the real ACT?
How does the higher score guarantee work?

When you purchase our Web or Complete Package, you are guaranteed to score higher on your ACT, and if you don’t, you can receive your money back.

How does the 7 day money back guarantee work?

When you purchase any of our packages, if you are unsatisfied with your product, you can request a full refund within the first 7 days of purchase. 

Can I upgrade my course to the Web with Test Simulations later?

Yes you can! When you purchase our Mobile option you can upgrade to the Web package, you just pay the difference.

Our practice questions are an accurate reflection of the real ACT. Ready4’s question format provides you with practice for the full range of questions, so that you can master even the toughest questions on test day.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to call or email us! We are here for you.