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When you're ready to do your best on test day, the GRE becomes an opportunity, not an obstacle. The Ready4 GRE app transforms whatever time you have into focused and effective prep, so you can approach the test with confidence.

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Personalized Study Plan with Rich GRE Question Bank

Get access to thousands of challenging practice questions with full written and video explanations, hundreds of most effective test strategies, and hundreds of vocabulary flashcards,

Scientific Score Predictor

Ready4 GRE's estimated score predictor and constantly update when you solve questions, learn another vocabulary word, or take a quiz. Your personalized analytics help you track the number of questions solved, correct vs. incorrect, pace, mastery level so you know more about your own preparation profile than ever before. The app will illuminate the way to a higher score by identifying your testing strengths and weaknesses, so you know exactly where you can improve.

Comprehensive Training

Practice GRE questions based on your section preference, your preferred level of difficulty, your favorites topics, or your weaknesses or strengths. Practice in any format - question sets, quizzes, full tests, or single question per day. Practice anywhere, anytime - no Wi-Fi required. Turn your morning commute into a study session, or complete a quiz during your lunch break, and see your estimated score take off.

Graduate Programs Matcher

Discover master degrees in business, engineering, nursing, law, education, and many more that match your background, your predicted GRE score, and your future goals using our smart matching algorithm. 

Daily FREE live classes

In these free live classes you will learn key test strategies from the best instructors in the world, hear about tips and tricks, and identify the strengths you should build on, as well as your weaknesses and how to address them. During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to test strategies in action with actual GRE practice problems. 

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I have tried a lot (at least 10) of GRE prep apps and none are compared to your app. It is by far the best app I have ever used irrespective of category. Everything from the interface to the plethora of other services the app provides are impeccable.


$30 is a lot cheaper than most of the study guides out there, especially one this comprehensive. It's nice to be able to use my phone instead of lugging around a five pound book. The interface is easy to use, the design/layout is visually appealing, and the questions are well varied. 


I love the explanations for each answer, the reminders to study are helpful, and it's convenient to use; I can pick it up and study anywhere.

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