Explore Top MBA and Grad Programs Using The Ready4 School Matcher

If you don't already know, the Ready4 app allows its students to browse MBA and grad programs around the globe.

Within each school’s profile, you can see the school’s average GMAT or GRE score and undergraduate GPA, the number of students in the program, and the acceptance rate. We also show you how many points you are from reaching each school’s average score based on your estimated score within the app.

You can add a school to your list by tapping the search bar at the top of the screen and typing the name. If you’re looking for MIT, you can search by typing “Sloan,” “Massachusetts,” or “MIT.”

If your school isn’t one of the hundreds listed in the app already, you can tap the “add your school” button to send a message to our team. We’re continuing to add new schools based on student requests. If this user decided that MIT rather than Harvard was their top choice, they could hold and drag MIT to the top of their list.

Since we’ve rolled out Top Schools, our global community of users has added over 10,000 schools to their top schools list. The top most chosen schools have been Harvard, Stanford, Indian School of Business, MIT, and London Business School in that order.

We’re working on adding even more information to each school’s individual profile, and we’re also building new features to help you better plan your graduate school journey. If you have any feedback or suggestions about what you would like to see within the schools feature, comment below or shoot us an email.

The Ready4 Team

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