Building Your Personal Brand: Volunteering

During the MBA or grad school admissions process, admissions panels look at more than your GPA, test scores, and applications essay. To determine if you’re the right fit for their school they also look at your personal brand. Building a personal brand goes beyond school into your personal life, and volunteering looks great in your resume and application.

Volunteer work is an opportunity to build your personal brand that showcases who you are outside of the classroom and what you’re passionate about. A meaningful community service project not only gives you an added advantage with the admissions process, but also helps you learn better time management and soft skills that will carry on into the future.

The following are a few other ways how volunteering helps you build your personal brand:

Networking opportunities

Volunteering is a chance to meet new people with similar interests. Since you’ll be working alongside a diverse group of people, it brings new experiences, new perspectives, and new skills for you. And if you do community work abroad, you can learn about a new culture and community, which adds to your knowledge and experience.

Improving your skills

Volunteering also enables you to learn something new or improve existing skills. Since there are a wide variety of volunteering opportunities available across the globe, you can engage in one that is more suited to your interest. Senior care centers, museums, environmental campaigns, animal shelters, tutoring, and administrative work are just a few ideas for volunteer opportunities.

Show your dedication

If you have served an organization over a long period of time and helped it to grow, it shows your commitment and willpower. This sort of dedication makes a good impression for the MBA or graduate programs you’re applying to. It also boosts your employment prospects in the future. It shows admissions officers and potential employers that you are mature enough to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.

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Build confidence

Giving back to good causes not only makes you feel good, but it also builds your self confidence. When you do good for others, it develops a sense of pride and identity. You become more comfortable in putting forward your opinions and develop a more positive outlook towards your career goals and life, which will help you in both school and the workplace.

Make a difference

By volunteering, you’re not only making a meaningful contribution to your own career development, but also giving back to society. A little effort can go a long way in helping someone or improving situations. This compassionate feeling defines you as a good person, and reinforces your personal brand.

Volunteering is a productive way to spend your free time or a summer break. Although you can also join internships to make your college application stand out during college admissions, volunteer work is also an excellent opportunity to apply yourself and boost your brand. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are easier to get.

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