Debunking GMAT Myths: You Only Need One Month of GMAT Test Prep

One of the most pervasive myths surround GMAT test prep is that you only need a month or so to prepare for the test. While the amount of time needed to prep for the GMAT is going to vary from student to student, we guarantee that the person who only needs a month of prep time is one in a million.

There are many factors to be considered when deciding how much time you need to prep for the GMAT.

Have You Taken the GMAT Before?

Put plainly, a first-time GMAT taker will definitely need more time for preparation than someone who’s taken it before. Even if you don’t have to cover newer concepts, you need to familiarize themselves with the test and how it’s structured.

A second-time GMAT taker already knows which areas they’re weaker on, while for a first timer, it is like treading in uncharted waters. This is one of the main factors that determine the time one needs to prepare for GMAT.

How Low Is Your Score?

The scoring factor doesn’t only apply to second-timers but also first-timers who take a prep test (which we recommend). Someone who scored 550 will require more time than someone who is already well above 700. If your score is low overall, you’ll need to plan your prep. If it’s high on the verbal section but low on quant, you’ll need a different approach.

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What’s Your Working Speed?

Assuming that you have already done some prep on your own, you’re likely aware of the workload you are going to tackle when sitting for your GMAT. The hard part is working out the pace you need to take to avoid running short on time.

If you ran out of time during your practice exam, one thing you’ll want to work on during your GMAT test prep is pacing. Luckily for you, the more you practice, the better it gets. Speed depends mostly analyzing your strong and weak areas. If you are weak in the math section, spend more time on it in prep to make sure you’re able to finish it in a timely manner.

Measure your Productive Time

Finally, it’s important to be aware of the resources you are using for test prep. Ready4 offers both mobile and online GMAT test prep options to provide the right learning environment for all students.

People have spent months and even years preparing for the test only to end up in scoring miserably. If you have access to the right materials on the right platform for you, you can cut your prep time in half.

There’s no specific time frame that everyone can prepare for GMAT in. It’s entirely personal, as there are several factors to be considered as mentioned above. All you need to do is gauge which elements directly affects you.

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