Debunking GRE Myths: Your GRE Score Isn’t Important

Many grad schools have recently dropped the requirement of submitting a GRE score, giving rise to a myth that the GRE isn’t worth your time and investment anymore. As such, many students have started putting more weight on other factors such as undergraduate GPA, extracurricular activities, volunteering, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience. While all these factors are critical to earning acceptance into top-tier grad schools, this doesn’t reduce the value of GRE test prep as it still plays a significant role during the admissions process.

So Why Are GRE Scores Important?

1. Your GRE score reflect your critical reasoning skills, which admission committees greatly look for. Many top-tier colleges in the U.S. look for super-smart students who have 320+ GRE score. It is a standard measure for evaluating whether an applicant would be able to cope with the curriculum or not.

2. The GRE test is especially required for international students as it’s difficult to verify their academic and work profile thoroughly.

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3. Although a good GRE score doesn’t guarantee admission, it does improve your chances. When admissions officers are unable to differentiate between two applicants with an almost similar personal statement, the GRE score helps them make the final decision.

4. If your undergraduate GPA isn’t very strong, you can overcome that obstacle by redeeming yourself with a high GRE score. This will, at least, help you raise your morale if you’re seeing no way to improve your GPA.

5. GRE scores are valid for 5 years. So, if you aren’t sure yet as to which course to pursue, you can take the test and secure your future.

6. Since GRE tests your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing, your scores help you understand your skills and capabilities. You’ll come to know how much more hard work or effort you need to succeed ultimately.

GRE college test prep may seem challenging at first, especially if it was never on your mind, but it definitely matters in the long-term. Make sure not to miss on the GRE if you want to improve your chances of grad admission.

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