How to Get the Right GPA to Get Into Princeton

Princeton is getting tougher and tougher to get into. At the start of 2018, it had the seventh lowest acceptance rate in the country with 7.4 percent. That sank as the year went on as it dropped to 5.5 percent in July when the class of 2022 was completed.

Getting into an Ivy League is getting harder and harder these days as schools seek out students from all around the world. Grades carry a great deal of weight within the college admissions process, especially at Princeton.

The class of 2022 saw many of its applicants earn impressive GPAs. Of the accepted students: 8.1 percent scored 4.0 and 5.8 percent scored between 3.9 and 3.99. Only 2.6 percent of that class had a GPA below 3.6.

For future applicants, a high GPA could be one of the keys they need to get in the door.

Read on for a look at some tips on how to earn a GPA that would impress Princeton.

Develop Healthy Study Habits

Everyone learns differently; where one student might be comfortable with flashcards to memorize complicated concepts, another might benefit oral repetition. There isn’t a right way to study so much as there’s one that’s most comfortable for each individual.

Try different study methods to see what works best. When one feels right and starts to lead to better grades, start turning that into a habit and applying it to different classes.

Get a Tutor

Classes can be hard to keep up with without a little help. Private tutoring is a great option for every student, especially those who are taking course exclusively to try to get into the Ivy League.

Tutors can help clarify and illustrate some tough lessons that may have seemed unclear in the classroom, or provide support in completing tough homework. Beyond the day-to-day support, private tutoring for the SAT or ACT puts students in the right position to get noticed by Princeton.

Take the Right Classes

Grades are ultimately what decide a GPA, but not every grade is the same. In many schools, advanced placement classes are given greater weight than honors classes, and both of which weigh more than standard classes.

Schools like Princeton take this into account when looking at grades. After all, a student who earns a high GPA with all AP classes likely has great potential to learn and flourish.

But avoid the temptation to take an overly difficult course load. Seek high-level classes for strong subjects and consider other levels for more challenging ones. After all, a failing mark in an AP class wouldn’t be as good as a high grade in an honors or standard class.

Seek Admissions Consulting

There are experts out there who can help get you into Princeton. Admissions consultants have a keen understanding of what Princeton wants out of its applicants, including the ideal GPA. Tap into their insights for your classes and application in order to put your best foot forward.

Are you applying to Princeton? Learn how Ready4’s admissions consulting and private tutoring can help you turn yourself into a worthy applicant.

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