Is My GPA High Enough for Wharton?

The MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania prepares some of the brightest minds in the professional world. Its alumni have gone on to become CEOs and high-powered investors or executives in almost every sector and industry, or they’ve become politicians and authors. Basically earning a Wharton MBA is almost like writing a ticket to success.

So knowing that, there are two main questions at hand: How do I get in? Is my GPA high enough to get into Wharton?

Well, it’s a competitive process to be sure. Out of the 6,245 applicants for the 2020 class, only 862 went on to enrollment - that’s only a 13.8 percent acceptance rate. And the average undergraduate GPA for that class is 3.6 on the 4.0 scale.

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There isn’t an official minimum requirement, as is often the case with prestigious MBA programs, which is why the average GPA is so instructive. Understanding the makeup of the current class allows applicants to measure themselves against their peers and determine how to match Wharton’s standards.

A GPA around that 3.6 threshold is beneficial to the application process. A score that’s slightly above or below that wouldn’t hurt overall because Wharton’s admissions process accounts for much more than the GPA itself.

Private tutoring throughout undergraduate coursework is a great help in reaching that goal, regardless of the field of study. Some guidance, quizzes and supporting resources give students the edge they need over other Wharton applicants.

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