3 Tricks for a Perfect GRE Score

As you begin thinking about grad school, a high GRE score can help you get into a top-tier school, as well as qualify for financial aid packages. This thought is exciting, but at the same time exasperating too. Test prep can be daunting, and while it’s normal to feel anxious, you have to maintain your calm to get a good score. The key is to work on devising effective learning strategies that help you obtain a 99th-percentile score.

The following are a few tips that will help you improve your GRE test prep and perform your best during the exam:

Take a Pre-Emptive Diagnostic Test

It’s important to test the waters before you sail. Many students believe that practice tests should be taken only after they’re done with studying for the test, which isn’t true! Taking a diagnostic test beforehand helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you understand what areas need more of your attention than others. This saves a lot of valuable time and keeps you moving in the right direction, working on your weak points rather than focusing your attention on the elements that you are already good at. Ready4 GRE offers multiple practices tests at any stage of your test prep journey.

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Focus on correcting your frequent mistakes

Once you’ve done a practice test, it’s time to work on those problematic sections that you’re not very confident of. Working on your strengths alone won’t get you a high score, you need to understand your weaknesses and focus on them to improve overall performance. Through frequent practice, try to analyze why you are making the same mistake again and again, and how to quickly correct yourself so you can work through the problems faster. Try to understand everything logically and don’t forget to take study breaks in between to refresh yourself.

Create an effective test-taking strategy

The GRE gives you the option to skip questions and review them later on when you’re done with the others. During your test prep, always practice strategies to handle the most difficult and less difficult questions. You don’t want to sit on a difficult question only to realize you’ve lost half your time on it. However, leaving out several questions just because you can’t solve them isn’t a good decision either. The best strategy is to maximize your time per question, then come back to the tricky ones. Using a mobile test prep app will help you practice your time-management skills and gauge your performance. When you have an effective test-taking strategy, you are likely to perform much better during the actual exam.

Grad school admissions process is a long and winding road, so it’s important to optimize your time and do your best on your tests and application. By developing effective learning strategies, you can easily nail the test without any stress and focus your energies on your essays and financial aid applications.

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