Two strategies for a calm GMAT test day

You have prepared for a long time to take the GMAT exams and now the day has finally arrived. You may seem nervous or anxious, but it is normal for everyone. To ensure that you have a smooth day on your test day you should put in place strategies to ensure that you do not succumb to panic and confusion. Let us discuss the various ways which can help you calm down during this test day


The day before the test you should take a walk, especially in the afternoon. Make sure you eat your dinner well and go to sleep early. Sleep is essential for your mind as you rest after a long day of preparation for the exam ahead. On the test day, you should wake up early in the morning and take your breakfast. Follow your daily routine as usual. You should also avoid trying to revise or doing prep during the day of the exam, you may feel unprepared for them, but if you have been studying harder for the last few months, then you must be fully prepared.

Remain calm and avoid last-minute preparations as they can make you panic. Studying on the night before the exam day is recommended to enable you to revise for the exam. The GMAT exam tests your mental preparedness and reasoning, therefore, giving yourself rest during the test day will provide your mind the energy to tackle the test thoroughly. Avoid heavy chores and distractions like movies or video games which may shift your attention from the exam. Make sure you have understood all the fundamentals of the GMAT tests

2.Before, during and after the exam

You should arrive for the test about 20 minutes before the test begins. Arriving early will enable your mind to settle for the bigger task ahead. Always make sure that your environment is distraction-free and has proper ventilation. Avoid conversations with other people especially distracting ones as they can make you lose focus on the test. During this time you should think of possible test questions and answering them in your mind. You should also have a positive mindset of succeeding in the exams. After you begin the test, evaluate the items slowly and carefully taking note of all the details. Apply the basic concepts of GMAT to the exam and be creative while answering them. After completing the exams walk silently out of the room avoiding interactions with other people. Do not discuss the questions with your colleagues or anyone. Make sure you rest for about 30 minutes before indulging in any other activity.

A calm and smooth test day is the best for the test takers. Test takers, therefore, should try as much as possible to make their test day is as smooth as possible. These strategies, when applied in unison, will ensure that the test day goes on smooth. The last phases of exam-taking are hectic, and you surely do not want to mess with it after preparing for the test too long.

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