What GMAT Score Do I Need for MIT Sloan?

For aspiring members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) family, you need to learn the crucial role played by GMAT scores in admission into this great institution. While there is more to being accepted to a great b-school like MIT, students often ask what the best GMAT score is for MIT? Is there a range that students should aim for to ensure their applications are even considered?

MIT Profile

MIT was established in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a private research institute initially focused on math, technology, and science through which it emerged to be an unrivaled school for engineering. Later on MIT added additional fields of business studies, architecture, arts, and the humanities.

Since then, MIT has become renowned for its business school. The MBA programs are offered by the MIT Sloan School of Management. Sloan specializes in management sciences, economics, accounting, finance, as well as behavioral and policy science. MBA programs include Master of business analytics, PhD, Master of Science in Management Studies, System and Design Management, MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership, and visiting Fellows as well as executive MBA and Education.

All of the above MBA programs have three tracks: Enterprise Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

Enterprise Management

The Enterprise Management track has a one-year holistic course with an angle on marketing. It has an experiential aspect known as Capstone Management Practice and prepares students for work in careers like consultancy, marketing innovation management, and supply chain management. Students get internship opportunities in companies such as Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Bain, and IBM.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship track helps bring up entrepreneurial-minded students. It’s the base for current and future entrepreneurs, where students are exposed to entrepreneurial projects, incubators, startup management, and more.


The Finance track equips students with financial knowledge. Students attend conferences, events and networking opportunities related to the field while focusing on resource management, fundraising, budgeting, and more.

GMAT Score Range for Sloan School

As a top school, chances for acceptance into Sloan School are very narrow. In 2017, the acceptance rate was only 13 percent. For this reason, it’s critical to have a competitive GMAT score.

As a technical school, the MIT admission board focuses mainly on the quant section of GMAT. They target the applicants’ analytical and mathematical skills which are vital for admission into MIT.

Many experts say that GMAT scores are the most crucial part of the application process for MIT Sloan. Submission of the GMAT scores is therefore mandatory when applying to MIT, though applicants can also submit GRE scores.

Like many schools, MIT Sloan doesn’t require a specific GMAT score, but the median 80 percent of recently accepted applicants ranged from 670 to 760. The average accepted Sloan applicant’s score in 2017 was 716, easily achievable with the right GMAT test prep.

However, always remember that your GMAT score alone doesn’t get you into leading business schools like MIT Sloan. The admissions board looks at several other academic credentials, letters of recommendations, personal essays, and if the student is a right fit for the institution in the first place.

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