What SAT Score Do You Need for Harvard University?

You don’t always need a perfect score to get into your dream school.

The flippant answer to that question would be a 1600. To be admitted to Harvard, surely students need to earn perfect scores, right?

Not necessarily, but it wouldn’t hurt either.

Harvard doesn’t have a minimum-accepted test score. On its FAQ page, the university lists its official policy as: “There are no score cutoffs, and we do not admit ‘by the numbers.’ For the SAT, we will review your highest test scores in each section across test dates and any other scores you choose to share with us.”

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This is in part because Harvard, like many top-tier colleges, seeks well-rounded students during admissions and values applicants who have a diverse array of skills and achievements beyond their schoolwork.

That said, Harvard still expects high marks when it comes to the SAT, using it as a measure of academic potential. Many accepted students score over 1300 in their combined scores, with most of them finishing in the 99th-percentile.

Private tutoring can help students achieve such high scores by focusing on test-taking skills and understanding the nuances of the SAT. Beyond that, SAT/ACT college test prep is increasingly available online or in app form to give students the flexibility they need to study and get ready to earn an SAT score that’ll help them get into Harvard.

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