Why I Founded Ready4

Successfully combining innovative mobile-first technology with high quality test prep and admissions services.

You can’t build a great company without feeling the pain of the customer.

Ready4 was born out of my own GMAT experience when applying to top US business schools. Over the course of a year and a half I struggled with the GMAT and couldn’t get the score I needed to be a competitive candidate at a top MBA program. The disappointment I felt each time I saw my final score made me more obsessed about the test. I believed that there must be a better way to prep for the test so I decided to develop my own test strategies – using only high quality content – and prep in a unique way based on anxiety-free, short study sessions spread throughout the day. That strategy, fortunately, got me a 99-percentile score and paved my way to MIT Sloan School of Management – one of the top business school in the world.

This life experience changed me. I asked myself, how can we deliver the same test strategies that helped me to all students around the world? How can we make them even better? How can we make test prep more accessible and tailored to each students’ lifestyle and needs? How can we deliver prep in “snackable” bite-size lessons that fit the busy schedules of students who are juggling a lot of activities and need to study wherever they are, whenever they have the opportunity, preferably on their mobile devices (online or offline) that they use constantly throughout the day? And how can we do this in an affordable way, unlike the big branded test prep companies that charge THOUSANDS of dollars and treat students as one size fits all?

So, I turned this obsession of providing high-quality test prep and admissions services to other ambitious, motivated, and smart students who want to apply to the world’s most prestigious universities into a life passion. The desire to help students with this process combined with my other passions – technology, product, and entrepreneurship – is how Ready4 was born.

Test Prep is About More Than Getting a High Score

At Ready4, we know that earning acceptance into a top program require more than a high score, but that is where your journey begins.

Want to be Ready4 the World? Attend one of our free webinars to see what you can learn in our live courses.

So we initially began with a laser focus first on that part – how can we get you a great test score? This drove us to create a compelling selection of live and on demand courses where a gifted instructor creates a shared learning experience. But in order to bring my vision fully to life we also developed personalized prep technologies that adapt to individual strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we knew this experience needed to fit the lifestyles of modern students, so we decided to deliver it through your mobile phone and laptop.

Ready4 is based on my personal experience, the latest research in learning theory, and the techniques that make gaming so addictive– because making test prep addictive is the Holy Grail, isn’t it?). No soul-crushing, pencil-pushing torture. Delivering test prep via mobile technology allows us to prep more people than we dreamed. The combination of our personalized, top-rated prep platform and affordable online courses meets our goal of getting you a great test score.

Once the Ready4 app was developed, we focused on the second part of the equation – helping you tell your unique story and gain acceptance to the most selective programs. Using the same grit that helped us build our test prep business, we established our admissions consulting program, focusing on high quality service with gifted admissions consultants who become, to many students, life mentors.

But, as I learned through the process of taking the GMAT over and over again and developing my own prep process that helped me succeed, I never get comfortable with the status quo. I always continue to work hard to improve. Positively affecting others in their life journey really is rewarding, and I will always strive to improve how we do that at Ready4. And that what drives me and my team every day. We are constantly working to enhance the test prep and admissions process for you, and help you become Ready4 the World.

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