"I set my goal, and Ready4 helped me achieve it!"


Dayna set out to get a combined score (verbal/quant) of 300, and to meet this goal, she took the Ready4 GRE course.


She found specifically the quant lessons helped her immensely, where she would rewatch the quant recordings and take detailed notes on the tips that her instructor, Anthony, provided. Such as the importance of knowing the special quadratics and right triangles.


She also reached out and received specific, constructive feedback on her essay writing.


When she took her actual GRE, she scored a 149 on Verbal, a 152 on Quant, and a 5 on analytical writing - she got a 301, and exceeded her goal of a 300! Allowing her to not have to retake the GRE. She was “very glad” she took the course and “believes that she was given the tools to perform much better on the exam that she would have without it.”